October 22, 2013

Missing Paris...a little bit.

Jacket-Thrifted from Kilo Shop// Shirt- H&M// Trousers- H&M//Shoes- Sebago

I miss the Louvre! It was such an amazing museum. It was huge! There were so many exhibits to choose from. We made sure to see the most important, like the original Mona Lisa. The ceilings were even covered in art. It was inspiring. I need to start going to the museums here in London... they are free.  

September 25, 2013

Paris Weekend: Day 1

Cardigan- H&M
Shirt- H&M
Jeans- Gap
Shoes- Sebago
Socks- Primark
Hat- Urban Outfitters

September 23, 2013

London Fashion Weekend

Photo Credit: Jonathan Daniel Pryce (@GarconJon)
Shirt: Burton
Blazer- Custom Made in China 
Pants- Urban Outfitters 
Socks: H&M
Shoes: Aldo

Watch:Michael Kors

The Canon Booth was the most amazing thing I've ever experienced. I was able to take a Style 360 shot of my outfit. I couldn't believe it. You only see that stuff at award shows or on fashion reality tv shows.

 Mayor of Westminster speaking about her current job and experience working at Vogue. I wish our mayors in the states were this fashionable. 
 I love wood sunglasses and readers. Finlay & Co. does a great job of creating great wooden sunglasses. They were so comfortable and came in nice shades of brown and black. 

 Ukulele was one of my favorite collections at London Fashion Weekend. Purple was so nice and stressed how she doesn't think fashion should be for the wealthy and how she tries to make her clothing as affordable as possible. She wants the everyday girl to wear her clothes. Bravo Purple!
 Perfect for music festivals. 

 The trend show was short and sweet. There were categories such as "Back to Nature"," Pretty in Pink", "Shape Up", and "Victorian". The show was styled by London-based stylist Pandora Lennard. I had a great time at London Fashion Weekend. It was a great end to my London Fashion Week experience.There was so much to do and so many great products and services to experience.It was definitely worth the money. More photos after the break...