October 13, 2014

Chill Vibes

Photo Credit - Kalyn Jacobs
Fall weather is here and this light hoodie from H&M is my favorite go-to layer when I'm rushing to get dressed for class. School work has taken over my life with mid-terms and projects. But, homecoming week is here and I'm so excited. Everyone knows Howard's homecoming is the best in the nation. I can't go to every event, but I'm definitely going to the fashion show. Outfit details after the break.

October 6, 2014

... to Night

My last look was a suit I dressed down for a daytime event. Well, here is the night time look I promised you guys.  I was invited to "Out at The Yards", a celebration of Black LGBT Excellence. The attire was cocktail attire, so I kept it simple and chic by wearing a white button-down dress shirt. But of course I had to add a little something by wearing a skull-patterned bow tie I got from this cool new company called Tie Society. This was my first time wearing a bow tie! (thank God for YouTube tutorials).

Tie Society is basically the "Netflix for ties".  Here is how their service works:

  1. You create an account and select a membership plan.
  2. Choose which ties you want and add them to your closet. Your ties will be shipped to you within 1-3 business days. Oh yea...NO LATE FEES. :-O 
  3. When you're tired of it or want to try another tie, just mail it back and your next tie will be sent to you. Shipping is free both ways.

October 1, 2014

Dress Up to Dress Down

Photo credit- Cameron Crosby 

This past Saturday was extremely busy for me, but I loved it. I was busy doing everything I love to do. In the morning, I met up with a fellow YouTuber, Francis, to shoot a vlog video. Then, I quickly headed home to change for Art All Night DC.  I knew I didn't want to be too dressy for this event because it just wasn't necessary or appropriate. So, I decided to dress down a suit - something I've never tried before. I can definitely tell my style is maturing. A few years ago, I would of cringed at the thought of wearing a suit. Now, I don't mind wearing a suit once in a while. I'm definitely a casual guy, but now that I actually go to events that require cocktail attire, I've learned to appreciate the dapper style. Later in the night, I changed into my cocktail attire using the same suit. But that's for another post :-). 

Outfit details after jump